NEXT GENERATION: RewardLeads Platform

RewardLeads is your own virtual army of sales people getting you more customers, more sales per customer, more subscribers and cheaper Facebook Ads.

It’s a digital Loyalty platform for DIGITAL product vendors, events, affiliates and ecom stores.

It automatically rewards your buyers with loyalty points and automated incentives ensuring that they:

*Buy more products – Purchases = points and rewards. A huge advantage over your competitors. It will even follow up when your buyers forget to get that upgrade, without you lifting a finger

*Get new customers – Potential buyers will join your program just to earn points but you also get viral growth from buyers because they get points to recommend others. PLUS they get points from purchases made by those recommended buyers – meaning you get buyer leads!

*Automate Sales – With the built in Facebook technology you can build custom audiences based on buyer behavior. Meaning you can recapture buyers who have stopped purchasing, remove refunders and target low, mid or high ticket buyers only.

*We even have automated email followup to remind people that they are close to the next incentive level!

There’s MUCH more to RewardLeads, and for those who put it to work you’re going to be SOOOOO glad you did >>