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[WORDPRESS] Free Download: Global Countdown Plugin

Use this to add timers to your websites
& even in emails to boost your overall
conversions on ANY action you want
your visitors to take…

Free Download: Global Countdown Plugin

Master Resale Rights are also available
for less than $10, so you can give away
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Free Download: Global Countdown Plugin

[ReplyTap is Here!] Increase your profits by 95%?

Harvard Business School reports that increasing customer retention by a mere 5% can increase profits by 25%-95%…

…what is the best way to do that?

I want to show you a brand new, cutting edge, easy to use piece of ‘customer response technology’ that can retain more customers and close more sales for you..

It’s called ReplyTap.

Don’t let the name confuse you. This is the easiest way to engage prospects or customers and drive more revenue.

It works on sales pages, membership areas, and even for support.

Check out the demo >>

I was completely blown away by the features it has:

* Audio calling. You can call the prospect while they are on your site.
* Multi-purpose chat widget.
* Send broadcast messages to site visitors.
* Co-browsing features to help close more sales.
* Knowledge base to quickly get customers answers to their questions.
* Intro & Exit Video Templates.
* Chat skins so you look high-end and professional.
* Advanced analytics so you can quickly see what your customers are looking for.
* Hashtag based canned responses.
* See what customers are typing before they hit send.
* Multiple agent support.
* Survey at the end of the chat.

Watch the demo video and then test it on the site LIVE >>

This is a piece of technology that is user friendly and can create a massive increase in your conversions almost instantly.

I’m in the process of adding this to all my sites, and you should as well.

Watch the demo and see why.


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Marijuana served up at a kids party?


It was a kids’ 15th birthday
party and some spacehead
joker thought it would be a
good idea to produce some
candy made with Mary J.


A ton of kids were hospitalized
(fortunately none seriously)
and the party has now gone
down in folklore.

For all the wrong reasons.

And this story set me thinking;

Just because you have an
idea for a product (like
Mary J candy) it doesn’t
mean you should actually
release it.

Hellz no.

I know it can be all too easy
to get brainwashed by the
endless conveyor belt of
experts all telling you to
create your own product.

But the truth is:-

You can make more money
than a drug dealer (and with
a clean conscience too) without
having to create a product of
your own.

You can just sell other people’s
and make a very tidy profit.

If you know what you’re doing.

And this guy does.

(To the tune of $1442.29 a day,
365 days a year).

So don your best party hat,
leave the Mary J candy behind
and head over to this link for a
real profit party