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I just bought ChromeEngage!

ChromeEngage Builds TWO Lists At Once + Sends You Traffic!

I just bought ChromeEngage and the upgrades….this has got me EXCITED!!

Now you can tap into the 1.4 BILLION users in the Chrome App Store, by INSTANTLY creating Chrome Apps that lead to your websites and your lists.

You’re building a Chrome Push Notification List….


You’re building a traditional email list at the same time!

PLUS….you’re getting traffic to your sites, repeat traffic later due to your icon being installed in their browser, better SEO results because of your Google App listing, and more.

There are OPTIONAL upgrades that are for customization, analytics, done-for-you solutions with pre-made template packs and messages and more. These can give you a BIG head start and save HOURS of time coming up with designs on your own.

That’s why I bought both upgrades myself because I don’t have a creative bone in my body!  LOL

ChromeEngage extends your reach – put it to work NOW!

[WORDPRESS] Free Download: Global Countdown Plugin

Use this to add timers to your websites
& even in emails to boost your overall
conversions on ANY action you want
your visitors to take…

Free Download: Global Countdown Plugin

Master Resale Rights are also available
for less than $10, so you can give away
the plugin to build your list, sell it, or even
sell it with rights.

MRR is OPTIONAL of course, and if
you don’t want it, just click the ‘no thanks’
link at the bottom to move along…

Free Download: Global Countdown Plugin

Brand New FREE Training: The Warrior Mindset

We’ve just got the next training setup for you guys, and this one is all about having the ‘Warrior’ mindset…

Download The Warrior Mindset

The warrior mindset actually has nothing to do with combat.

In fact, the hooligans that start bar fights and think that they’re ‘tough’ for starting fights are about as far from true warriors as it gets.

(Ask anyone who has seen real combat if they would want to risk their health and waste their energy on looking for trouble.)

This is about knowing what you want and going for it.

It’s about being tough and it’s about not letting little things get you down.

It’s about pushing ahead with what you know is right and it’s about carrying responsibility and hardship on your shoulders with dignity and pride.

It’s about not letting your emotions get the better of you and it’s about not taking the easy answer or the easy route to solve your problems.

Download The Warrior Mindset Here

There are some OPTIONAL upgrades from this PDF version to the Video version and Master Resale Rights. If you don’t want the upgrades, just click the ‘no thanks’ link and continue to your download.

[ReplyTap is Here!] Increase your profits by 95%?

Harvard Business School reports that increasing customer retention by a mere 5% can increase profits by 25%-95%…

…what is the best way to do that?

I want to show you a brand new, cutting edge, easy to use piece of ‘customer response technology’ that can retain more customers and close more sales for you..

It’s called ReplyTap.

Don’t let the name confuse you. This is the easiest way to engage prospects or customers and drive more revenue.

It works on sales pages, membership areas, and even for support.

Check out the demo >>

I was completely blown away by the features it has:

* Audio calling. You can call the prospect while they are on your site.
* Multi-purpose chat widget.
* Send broadcast messages to site visitors.
* Co-browsing features to help close more sales.
* Knowledge base to quickly get customers answers to their questions.
* Intro & Exit Video Templates.
* Chat skins so you look high-end and professional.
* Advanced analytics so you can quickly see what your customers are looking for.
* Hashtag based canned responses.
* See what customers are typing before they hit send.
* Multiple agent support.
* Survey at the end of the chat.

Watch the demo video and then test it on the site LIVE >>

This is a piece of technology that is user friendly and can create a massive increase in your conversions almost instantly.

I’m in the process of adding this to all my sites, and you should as well.

Watch the demo and see why.


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FREE DOWNLOAD [3 Profitable Email Marketing Hacks]

If you’re sick and tired of “petty” income from your email marketing campaigns due to pathetic open rates and confidence shattering list engagement, you may be doing it all wrong.

It’s time to be a Contrarian and Zig while others are Zagging so YOU stand out from the crowd, build a list of loyal followers, skyrocket your list engagement and make enviable passive income through email marketing.

If Email Marketing is your Bread and Butter Strategy just like mine, I invite you to download this free training and implement these 3 ideas into your own business Instantly.

Here’s how you will profit from this…

You’ll learn:

– What metrics to pay attention to while running your email campaigns (Hack # 1 on page 3)

– How to never run out of ideas to write your next email. This is not just theory, example emails also included. (Hack # 2 on page 6)

– How to build instant trust and a list of highly engaged people while repeling away the wannabies and freebie tire-kickers (Hack # 3 on page 12)

Remember, today social media sites are popular only because of user engagement. But they are terrible in generating sales.

On the other hand, email marketing is STILL THE NO. 1 ROI getter. But the engagement through email is dropping steadily.

Your challenge is to increase your list engagement to grow your profits almost instantly.

And if you are interested, I am willing to show you all that I know about list engagement and email conversions.

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Infographics Bounty – Get FREE Traffic!

See Infographics Bounty Here


Have You Heard Of Click Bait?

Would you be interested in getting free viral traffic to your site, while barely lifting a finger?

Smart marketers like you do this ALL the time, using something called ‘click bait’.

Click bait is something so eye catching that people just can’t resist sharing it. It’s a post, image or video that goes viral.

Some of the BEST viral content of all time are infographics.

Images with nuggets of knowledge, wrapped in a shiny eye candy package that just CLICK with people!

I’ve just come across a fantastic new package of infographics that are at a jaw dropping low price.

It’s a big package of pre-made infographics templates that you can use right out of the box and start driving traffic as early as 10 minutes from now!

OR you can edit them … source files are included in this low price!

Everyone says YES to Done For You, clickable, share-able content. Easy traffic is at your fingertips.

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Marijuana served up at a kids party?


It was a kids’ 15th birthday
party and some spacehead
joker thought it would be a
good idea to produce some
candy made with Mary J.


A ton of kids were hospitalized
(fortunately none seriously)
and the party has now gone
down in folklore.

For all the wrong reasons.

And this story set me thinking;

Just because you have an
idea for a product (like
Mary J candy) it doesn’t
mean you should actually
release it.

Hellz no.

I know it can be all too easy
to get brainwashed by the
endless conveyor belt of
experts all telling you to
create your own product.

But the truth is:-

You can make more money
than a drug dealer (and with
a clean conscience too) without
having to create a product of
your own.

You can just sell other people’s
and make a very tidy profit.

If you know what you’re doing.

And this guy does.

(To the tune of $1442.29 a day,
365 days a year).

So don your best party hat,
leave the Mary J candy behind
and head over to this link for a
real profit party

A Warning If You’re Using WordPress…

Most of us use those “1-click” installers like fantastico or softaculous.

Well here’s the thing… when you do that, sometimes you can leave your site open to attack.

Things like the wrong file permissions and default or identical keys could leave your site wide open to hackers that can easily access your site.

Not that many people know about this that’s why I want you to check out this plugin:

WP Total Audit Plugin

After logging into thousands of WordPress sites while providing support for their customers, Mark Hess and Michael Thomas discovered people were making the same exact mistakes over and over.

That’s why they created this plugin.

They don’t want to see your site vulnerable to attack.

You can get a copy of their WP Total Audit plugin right now with a drastic discount.

An unlimited site license included so you can install it on all of your sites:

WP Total Audit Plugin

You are getting this for a one-off price.

You get lifetime updates and support.

[NEW SOFTWARE] Turn any video into a conversion machine

An awesome new software has just been
released that will turn any video (even ones
you don’t own) into a sales machine in literally
a few minutes.
It’s called VidEntice and it enables you to place
any call to action right inside of any video…
Even ones you don’t own…

>>> Check out the amazing demo here

When you have this software you can take any
Youtube, Vimeo or Daily Motion video and add
your clickable call to actions right inside the video
and put them on your blog, websites, eCom stores
or even directly to your Facebook Fan Pages
Here’s exactly what can be added to ANY video:
> Clickable Banners or images that redirect viewers to any link
> You can select 6 different mockups
> Buy Buttons (for selling right inside the video)
> Optin forms (for list building)
> Share Icons (for social sharing)
And so much more
Think about that for a minute…
You can sell directly from inside videos AND…
You can even build a list from directly inside your video too…

>>> Grab VidEntice Now


But Hurry as the low launch price will be rising very soon!