A Warning If You’re Using WordPress…

Most of us use those “1-click” installers like fantastico or softaculous.

Well here’s the thing… when you do that, sometimes you can leave your site open to attack.

Things like the wrong file permissions and default or identical keys could leave your site wide open to hackers that can easily access your site.

Not that many people know about this that’s why I want you to check out this plugin:

WP Total Audit Plugin

After logging into thousands of WordPress sites while providing support for their customers, Mark Hess and Michael Thomas discovered people were making the same exact mistakes over and over.

That’s why they created this plugin.

They don’t want to see your site vulnerable to attack.

You can get a copy of their WP Total Audit plugin right now with a drastic discount.

An unlimited site license included so you can install it on all of your sites:

WP Total Audit Plugin

You are getting this for a one-off price.

You get lifetime updates and support.